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[Blog] - Envirolution seeking support

Envirolutionâ„¢ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and scaling dynamic K-12 education, job training, leadership academy, and community outreach programs centered around green industries and green energy. The organization aims to drive the growth of the green economy, thus increasing the number of jobs available in green industries. Our community-based green economy solutions prepare the future and current workforce for green jobs while simultaneously increasing the public demand for green products and services. Its initiatives empower all stakeholders involved to achieve triple bottom-line results that benefit local economies, local populations and local environments.


Envirolution’s™ mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and workers who will drive the growth of a green economy.


Envirolution™ is a sustainability leadership, education, and career development organization. It endeavors to drive the growth of a true and just green economy by inspiring and empowering the leaders and workers who will lead this charge!


With a focus on service learning, our programs not only provide career development for students, but also enable our participants to give back to their communities. Envirolutionâ„¢ seeks to promote global change by championing local efforts that empower citizens to do positive, meaningful work and to make a good living while giving back to their own social and environmental communities.


Envirolution posted several wishes on their GiftingWishes profile page, including:

  • Student scholarship funds

  • Energy efficiency kits

  • Instructional support


For more information and to help Envirolution fulfill its wishes and funding needs, click here or on the logo below.


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