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[Blog] - Wishes we’re posting from across the country

The GiftingWishes website provides charitable organizations with the opportunity of meeting funding obligations and fulfilling their wish lists in a convenient, smooth, and accountable manner. Donors who are familiar to the organization, as well as those who may have never heard of the organizations posted on our website are afforded the opportunity to make meaningful and important contributions.

Non-profit organizations continue to enlist their funding needs and wishes on the GiftingWishes website. Below are just a few of the items featured on the site.

  • Grade school in Phoenix, Arizona seeks a $25 donation to help provide tuition assistance to low income students - LEARN MORE

  • Elementary school in San Carlos, California seeks a $500 donation to purchase an iPad to be used by students with learning differences to achieve academic success - LEARN MORE

  • An equine therapy assistance organization in San Diego seeks to purchase bridles and reigns used to help heal the visible and non-visible wounds of wars for local veterans - LEARN MORE

  • A Reno-based youth musical arts organization seeks cymbals for students to learn and perform at several community events - LEARN MORE

  • Local sports-based organization seeks to sponsor a Douglas County school to engage students in a structured physical education curriculum to improve motor skill development and provide character development - LEARN MORE

  • A medical foundation in Pennsylvania seeks support to insure that health and wellness is a priority in the local community, schools, and homes - LEARN MORE

Fulfilling these wishes, and the others featured throughout the website, takes less than one minute. It’s a great way to help organizations strengthen and meet deserving community needs.

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