Sustainable Tahoe

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Initiating a global model for sustainable stewardship, Sustainable Tahoe guides people to enjoy the assets of the Lake Tahoe watershed without degrading water clarity.

Our campaigns include an annual geotourism demonstration of how the Tahoe watershed can realize economic prosperity with water clarity! The Tahoe Expo is and interlinked (via transit) exposition of guided geotourism activities throughout in the Tahoe region. The goal is to increase peoples connection to the place while reducing their carbon footprint. This annual demonstration is a community hosted collaborative effort that brings people to together with visitors to show how we can create 4 seasons of revenue just by sharing the land, water, wildlife and air we all share.

Sustainable Tahoe’s approach is to target existing Communities of Interest to build four seasons of a high-touch/low-impact brand that increase the reach of visitors by offering four seasons of more diverse activities, giving them more reasons to stay longer, return sooner and migrate stories that increase ongoing demand for the destination.

The Expo (Expose your Stewardship – Lead by Example) is the demonstration of this economy that will connect each area of our watershed, one transit hub at a time, every year until it is every day.

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Lap top10 $1500.00
editing software10 $700.00
Lap Top10 $400.00
printer cartridges100 $200.00
vehicle10 $2500.00
office space20 $1200.00
bus tickets32 $10.00
New cell phone10 $50.00
Microsoft word (for Mac)20 $100.00

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