Receive Donations Directly

Managing programs to generate private support of charitable organizations requires significant investments of time and dollar. By utilizing the Gifting Wishes platform, you’re able to prevent additional costs of creating specialized webpages or extra time distributing promotional messages. We take care of that for you. There’s no setup fee and 100% goes to the charity.


Choose from a Charity's Wishes

The Gifting Wishes platform allows you to see the exact needs of a charity, allowing you to choose which items you wish to fund for the charity. After adding items to your basket, you then send funds directly to the charity earmarked for those items. When you complete the purchase, you can then choose how you would like your name displayed on the site under a Thank You section.

Search Charities

It's Safe!
Your Credit Card is Processed Securely

We use the secure Google Checkout and PayPal systems to process transactions and credit cards. Your private information is not stored at all on Gifting Wishes. All of the funds are sent directly to the charity so there is not a wait time for a donation to reach its intended recipient. A donor does not need to create an account with us to make a donation to a charity.